Cape Cod Turf Management

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Lawn Services

                                  Basic Fertilization Program

Early Spring: Balanced fertilizers with slow release nutrient sources encourage spring green up and provide crabgrass control.

Spring: Controlled release fertilizers enhance turf vigor,increase root & shoot growth.Broad leaf weed control as needed.

Summer: Specially blended,slow release fertilizers are applied to help turf through difficult period of heat and drought. Optional grub control applied also.

Late Summer: Balanced fertilizers applied to help turf recover from summer stress. Color and density improve. Broadleaf weed control as needed.

Fall: Winterizing fertilizers applied promote expansion of root system,excellant fall color. Density is enhanced. Lime is also applied to balance soil pH level.

                                      Recommended Beneficial Services

Grub Control: Grubs, the larval stage of beetles, feed on the roots of grass and cause severe damage. A preventive treatment applied early summer guarantees against damage.

Lime: Raises pH of the soil,making fertilizer more available to turf. Lime needs to be applied yearly and generally applied with our fall fertilization.

Core Aeration: Specialized equipment is utilized to alleviate soil compaction, reduce thatch build-up,improve air movement and water penetration.

Fungicide: High humidity, moisture and stress conditions can create conditions for problematic fungi growth.

Vegetation Control: This treatment is designed to rid areas of unwanted vegetation- especially poison ivy.

                            Tree and Shrub Care Services

Early Spring: Horticultural oil applied to control damage from emerging insects such as adelgids,scales,winter moth and tent caterpillars.

Late Spring: Treats early hatching, leaf-eating insects such as caterpillars,galls,loopers,mealy bugs and scale.

Summer: Treats heavy population of leaf-eating insects, notably caterpillars.

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